<![CDATA[Rep. Alberta Tinsley-Talabis' Site Feed]]> http://002.housedems.com <![CDATA[Reps. Banks, Chang and Tinsley-Talabi Participate in Swearing-In at State Capitol]]> http://002.housedems.com/news/article/reps-banks-chang-and-tinsley-talabi-participate-in-swearing-in-at-state-capitol <p>LANSING – State Representatives Brian Banks (D-Harper Woods), Stephanie Chang (D-Detroit) andAlberta Tinsley-Talabi (D-Detroit) took the oath of office today as the Michigan House of Representatives began its 98th legislative session.</p> <p>“I am honored to serve my second term for the people of House District 1, and to serve as the chair of the Detroit Caucus,” said Banks. “I look forward to working with my Detroit and House colleagues to do what is best for the children, seniors, families and businesses of Detroit and Michigan.”</p> <p>Banks is serving his second term. Chang is beginning her first term as a state Representative. Tinsley-Talabi is serving her third term.</p> <p>“I am eager to get to work on good public policy solutions and strong constituent services that will make state government work better for my residents and all Michigan families,” said Chang. “I am honored and humbled that the residents of HD 6 chose me to serve them in Lansing.”</p> <p>“I’m excited to get back to work for the people of the 2nd House District,” Rep. Tinsley-Talabi said. “There are many things we need to do to improve the quality of life in Wayne County and the state of Michigan, and rest assured, I will always put Michigan families first in my work at the state Capitol.”</p> <![CDATA[Rep. Alberta Tinsley-Talabi Responds to Fatal Police Encounters]]> http://002.housedems.com/news/article/rep-alberta-tinsley-talabi-responds-to-fatal-police-encounters <p>Recent events have shown how the use of force by a law enforcement agency can sometimes be fatal. When the review is handled internally, it can give rise to the issues of transparency and a fair/unbiased decision. Representative Alberta Tinsley-Talabi has prepared legislation that would give the Michigan Department of Civil Rights monitoring and review authority when a police action results in the death of a member of a group as currently defined under the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act as having been the subject of past discrimination. It would report its findings to the local law enforcement agency and to the Legislature.</p> <![CDATA[Rep. Alberta Tinsley-Talabi Attends Women Legislators Conference]]> http://002.housedems.com/news/article/rep-alberta-tinsley-talabi-attends-women-legislators-conference <p>Representative Alberta Tinsley-Talabi attended the conference of the National Foundation for Women Legislators. As the state director for Michigan, Rep. Talabi presented a review of Michigan legislative events noting such things as the passage of the Detroit Bankruptcy Grand Bargain and earlier passage of expanded Medicare services. During the presentation, the NFWL awarded Representative Talabi’s nominee, Wayne County Commissioner Jewel Ware, with a “2014 — Outstanding Female Legislator” award.</p> <![CDATA[Rep. Alberta Tinsley-Talabi Appointed to National Foundation for Women Legislators]]> http://002.housedems.com/news/article/rep-alberta-tinsley-talabi-appointed-to-national-foundation-for-women-legislators <p>I am pleased to announce that the National Foundation for Women Legislators (NFWL) has appointed me as a state director for Michigan for the remainder of the year 2014 and the entirety of 2015. The NFWL was created to provide strategic resources for women leaders to be strong and effective legislators and to enhance leadership through information and shared experiences. I am honored by the appointment and look forward to working with my fellow female legislators on issues that affect women.</p> <![CDATA[State Representative Alberta Tinsley-Talabi to Host Senior Harvest Fest]]> http://002.housedems.com/news/article/state-representative-alberta-tinsley-talabi-to-host-senior-harvest-fest <p>State Representative Alberta Tinsley-Talabi will hold a Senior Harvest Fest on <u><strong>Friday, Oct. 24, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the St. Maron Center, 11466 Kercheval Ave. in Detroit.</strong></u></p> <p>To R.S.V.P., please contact Roy Jones by calling (517) 373-1776, or sending an email to Royjones@house.mi.gov.</p> <![CDATA[State Rep. Tinsley-Talabi Hosts Hantz Woodlands Walking Tour]]> http://002.housedems.com/news/article/state-rep-tinsley-talabi-hosts-hantz-woodlands-walking-tour <p>State Representative Alberta Tinsley-Talabi (D-Detroit) will join with other officials and community organizations to host a walking tour of Hantz Woodlands in Detroit on Friday, Sept. 12. Hantz Woodlands is said to be the “world’s largest” urban farming project. The project’s mission is to redefine the potential land use in urban areas. Hantz Woodlands&#8217; current project is the redevelopment of city parcels some which are vacant, sometimes blighted, areas into an urban tree farm.</p> <p>“As we move forward it is important that projects such as Hantz Woodlands are working to make a positive impact and lend themselves to creating stronger, better communities,” said Tinsley-Talabi. “I am committed to working with the Hantz team so that as a company doing business in our neighborhoods, Hantz Woodlands will listen to and work with the community as the project continues.”</p> <p>The hands-on event will provide a personal view of the progress the organization has made along with an opportunity for the community to interact directly with Hantz Woodlands leadership. Tinsley-Talabi is inviting residents living in the Hantz developmental area to join them, and there is space for up to 40 people.</p> <p>“I look forward to joining with our community members as we review the work of the Hantz Woodlands project.” Tinsley-Talabi said. “Detroit is turning itself around, and with the proper investments, I know our city will continue to grow and prosper.”</p> <![CDATA[Banks, Tinsley-Talabi Call on Republicans to Return to Lansing]]> http://002.housedems.com/news/article/banks-tinsley-talabi-call-on-republicans-to-return-to-lansing <p>State Representatives Brian Banks (D-Harper Woods) and Alberta Tinsley-Talabi (D-Detroit) called on Republican lawmakers today to return to the Capitol and finalize a comprehensive fix for our crumbling roads. Michigan’s roads and bridges are in a serious state of disrepair, and despite holding the governor’s office, a majority in the House and a supermajority in the Senate, Michigan Republicans were unable to pass a road funding plan before leaving Lansing for summer break.</p> <p>“Michigan’s transportation infrastructure is literally crumbling beneath our vehicles, and for months, residents have been demanding that the Legislature come up with a plan to fix our dangerous roads and bridges,” said Banks. “It is a travesty that Lansing Republicans have shown they aren’t willing or able to take leadership and get the job done.”</p> <p>Last month, House Democrats supported a bipartisan first step to fixing our crumbling roads. That package would have kick started Michigan’s efforts to repair the state’s dilapidated and dangerous roads without placing an unfair burden on middle-class families and seniors. However, Republican leadership was unable to seal the deal. And before adjourning for summer break, they failed to offer a proposal, and there was no vote taken on a road funding solution.</p> <p>“We have a duty to the citizens of this state to keep working until a solution to our crumbling roads is found,” Banks said. “I am appalled that the majority would choose to pat themselves on the back and take a vacation when there is such an enormous problem facing our state. It’s time to go back to Lansing and continue working until the job is done. I’m ready; are they?”</p> <p>Tinsley-Talabi said, “It is mind-boggling to think that our citizens are being forced to face another year of driving on the terrible roads we have here in our state. Michigan residents have entrusted to us the responsibility to find a solution to our dangerous roads, and we need to find a solution now, not later. I am willing to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle until that solution is found.”</p> <![CDATA[Tinsley-Talabi Pleased with Passage of Traffic Fines Bill]]> http://002.housedems.com/news/article/tinsley-talabi-pleased-with-passage-of-traffic-fines-bill <p>House Bill 5414, a bill amending the Michigan Driver Responsibility Act, was ordered for enrollment and sent to the governor last night. Following the bill’s final passage, state Representative Alberta Tinsley-Talabi (D-Detroit) announced her extreme happiness. Last month, in connection to HB 5414, Tinsley-Talabi’s HB 5501 passed through the state House of Representatives with bipartisan support. Together the bills will bring an end to the controversial fees associated with the Driver Responsibility Act.</p> <p>“The driver responsibility fees put a heavy burden on many Michigan drivers who are already hurting under increased taxes,” Tinsley-Talabi said. “My office has heard from countless people regarding this issue. District court judges, police officers and district residents reached out to tell us these fees were unfair, unnecessary and harmful. As a legislator, it is always my goal to help the people I represent, and I believe the elimination of these fees will be a great help.”</p> <p>Beginning Oct. 1, 2017, HB 5501 will amend Section 4 of the Enhanced Driver License and Enhanced Official State Personal Identification Card Act to strike “the assessment of a driver responsibility fee” from the list of licensing sanctions a holder of an enhanced driver license or state identification is subject to.</p> <p>“I could not be more pleased that this Legislature has finally voted to remove the harmful and costly Driver Responsibility Fees from our law books,” said Tinsley-Talabi. “Eliminating these fees has been a goal of mine throughout my time in the House, and I am proud to see that this will finally be a reality.”</p> <![CDATA[Tinsley-Talabi Passed Bill to Repeal Driver Responsibility Fees]]> http://002.housedems.com/news/article/tinsley-talabi-passed-bill-to-repeal-driver-responsibility-fees <p>House Bill 5501, sponsored by state Representative Alberta Tinsley-Talabi (D-Detroit), passed through the state House of Representatives with bipartisan support on Wednesday, May 21. Tinsley-Talabi’s bill, in conjunction with HB 5414, will bring an end to the controversial fees associated with the Driver Responsibility Act.</p> <p>“I have been working hard during both of my terms in the Michigan House to see that these driver responsibility fees are eliminated, and I am proud that my legislation passed with bipartisan support last week,” Tinsley-Talabi said. “Those fees placed an unnecessary burden on too many Michigan residents, and it was time for them to go.”</p> <p>If passed by the Senate and signed into law by the governor, beginning Oct. 1, 2017, HB 5501 will amend Section 4 of the enhanced Driver License and Enhanced Official State Personal Identification Card Act to strike “the assessment of a driver responsibility fee” from the list of licensing sanctions a holder of an enhanced driver license or state identification is subject to.</p> <p>“It is my job as a state representative to see that Michigan residents are protected, and this legislation ensures Michiganders aren’t paying unnecessary and crippling fees,” said Tinsley-Talabi. “After years of hard work on this issue, I could not be more proud to see my legislation passed unanimously.”</p> <![CDATA[Rep. Tinsley-Talabi Bill on Driver Responsibility Act Moves]]> http://002.housedems.com/news/article/rep-tinsley-talabi-bill-on-driver-responsibility-act-moves <p>House Bill 5501, sponsored by state Representative Alberta Tinsley-Talabi (D-Detroit), passed through the House Appropriations Committee today and will now move to the full House for consideration. Along with HB 5414 – which was also reported out of committee today ? the bill would bring an end to the controversial Driver Responsibility Act and the fees associated with it.</p> <p>“These driver responsibility fees have impacted thousands of Michigan families, and eliminating them will bring much-needed relief to Michigan drivers,” Tinsley-Talabi said. “I have worked hard in both of my terms with the state House to get these fees eliminated, and I could not be more proud that they were reported out of committee today.”</p> <p>Talabi’s bill would amend Section 4 of the enhanced Driver License and Enhanced Official State Personal Identification Card Act to strike “the assessment of a driver responsibility fee” from the list of licensing sanctions a holder of an enhanced driver license is subject to. If passed, it would take effect Oct. 1, 2017, to coincide with the elimination of driver responsibility fees under HB 5414.</p> <p>“I&#8217;m proud to have been part of the effort to overturn these onerous fees that were damaging the quality of life for so many Michiganders,” said Tinsley-Talabi. “I look forward to working with my colleagues in the full House to see that they are passed and sent to the governor for his signature.”</p>